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What’s happening in our local area?

To make sure that we can advise you of the best areas to invest in, we need to be aware of what is happening in the local area. This month we are focusing on the South Cambs area, which if you have read our update for June figures, you will know that the best increases in monthly rental, and therefore return, were achieved in CB23. 

view of wide roadA428 Upgrade

The legal challenge to the A428 upgrade between Caxton Gibbet and Black Cat roundabouts has been dismissed by the High Court and Appeal Court judges. Contractors had already carried out preparatory work, including archaeology investigations, but can now begin construction of the carriageway. The new road will be numbered as an extension of the A421. What does this does mean for the local area, is better connection to Cambridge and the A1.

East West Rail (EWR)

The EWR company and government have now decided on the actual route. It will go from Tempsford, roughly parallel with the A428, to a new station north of Cambourne. When the new Cambridge North station was announced, we saw property prices increase and once it was completed, rental values went upward 

EWR still has to develop a formal business case to convince the government that taxpayers money will be well spent. That may not happen until after the next General Election. 

Proposed solar farm

It will be very interesting to see how this progresses as the application has just been submitted. It has been called North Weald and if it goes ahead will be on the A428 west of Croxton. When complete, the facility will produce enough electricity to power 15,000 homes.


A new four-day week trial is proposed to start this month which means that bins will only be collected Tuesday to Friday.

Separately, all households will be provided with a waste food caddy later this year, in addition to the three wheelie bins. 

Four-day week trial

The initial trial of a four-day working week for office-based council staff has now closed. More importantly, it was successful. The trial will therefore continue for another year.

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