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In 2019 39% of the deductions made from deposits were because there was cleaning still required and the carpets had not been left to the same standard as found at the start of the tenancy – a requirement of our tenancy agreements. Sadly these deductions are often made despite tenants working hard to get the home clean.

Some tenants buy end of tenancy cleaning services from contractors who are not on our approved list. We have experienced some tenants have received very poor value, sometimes getting little more than the receipt and no recourse for shoddy work.

We check if the property is clean, not the effort or cost that has gone into the work. Where things have been missed there is then a minimum cost to get someone in to get the work completed.

To prevent this we offer a check-out cleaning service by an approved contractor which means tenants do not have to do any cleaning or worry about whether their home is clean enough when they leave! As these are approved contractors, if the cleaning is inadequate, they will come back at no cost to you and underwrite to deliver the standard required.

We work with a number of contractors to deliver this service. Their cost to provide this is:

Property SizePrice range
Studio/1 bed flat£180-£220
2 bed flat/1 bed house£200-£260
2 Bed House£240-£300
3 Bed House£290-£380
4 Bed House£360-£420
5 Bed House£390-£550

This service includes:

Cleaning of all internal windows
Cleaning of skirting boards, door frames, doors, internal fittings, marks on walls and cobwebs
Cleaning bathrooms; to include, where possible, the removal of limescale and mould
Cleaning kitchen; to include oven, extractor, hob and all other appliances
Vacuuming and washing all floors
Steam cleaning, sanitising and deodorising of all carpets

Please note this service does not include the outside of windows

All Prices include VAT




If you are thinking of doing your own cleaning then please click here to see our guidance videos to help you decide whether to do the work yourself, or use our check-out cleaning service

We know this service is of great value to those tenants who take it. It means they can concentrate on packing and moving to their new home, with no worries about whether their old home is clean enough. If you want to know more, give us a call on 01480 494967, or fill in the form below and we will get in touch.

You will get an email copy of the completed form for your records.

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