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Are you wearing your seatbelt?

We all wear our seatbelts, and most of us feel strange driving without one. Happily we almost never need our seatbelts, but wear them because we know they protect us when needed.

The majority of tenants are good, decent people and they meet their obligations under the tenancy properly. However, where a tenant does not pay their rent or you need to gain possession of your property, this can prove to be expensive.

Our job is to protect you and your investment. There are ongoing legal changes which have lead us to conclude that landlords should have the protection of legal expenses and rent protection cover in place.

We have researched the market and negotiated an excellent package that includes the following key benefits:

  • Pay your rent (up to £2,500 per month) for up to 12 months when tenants do not (£25k p.a. maximum)
  • Pay for up to £100,000 legal costs per claim for Eviction; Property Owners Legal Disputes; Legal cover for any breach of the tenancy; Repair and Renovation Disputes; Health & Safety Prosecutions


Please note – as a result of the Corona virus pandemic our insurer will only provide cover for legal expenses on any new policies. Rent cover will be added on these policies when the pandemic is over.