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We know potential customers value the views of current customers to help them decide whether to work with us. We take great pride in our high levels of customers service, which is why almost all our new customers say they chose us because of personal comments and recommendations. You will see from some feedback that we have not yet hit perfection, but we strive for it, disappointment from our clients hits us hard making us work even harder to rectify any issues.

In addition to the testimonials below we also have:

Excellent service

Managed Landlord - Landlord

Maxine Lester have always been an excellent agency to us and looked after us if we ever had any problems. I would highly recommend them and commend them on their service.

Amanda Bentley - Tenant

Maxine is extremely professional, showing thorough knowledge & expertise. She has a warm and friendly approach, appearing to genuinely want to connect with and understand a client's needs. Refreshing!

Linsey Marsh - Landlord

Always received professional and courteous responses. I feel wholly confident they will do the right thing. All staff I have dealt with deserve praise

David Thorpe - Landlord

Tanya - always so friendly and positive and quick to reply. Sally - understanding and efficient, any problems with the house they are sorted quickly

Leanne Dickinson - Tenant

This was my first time ever moving out, and I moved out alone. The Lettings Agents, Maxine Lester, were extremely helpful and explained everything to me. I am really grateful for their help.

Sarah Perestrello Soares - Tenant

Maxine Lester have always been very prompt to help with any issues relating to our tenancy - generally property repairs. Sally, who does our house inspections is lovely

Jo Griffith - Tenant

All the team have been helpful and supportive in my first venture as a landlord and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an agent.

Maxine Blewett - Landlord

All staff are very friendly and always exceptionally helpful.

Carlton West - Landlord

All the staff at Maxine Lester are fantastic and always helpful. Big thank you to Maxine as she found us a new house in a rush after my previous landlady died and her son's wanted to sell the house

Katrina Dewar - Tenant