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What happens at the check in meeting?

This is where we hand over the property and make sure final pieces of administration are completed e.g.:

  • We provide information about the property, such as utility suppliers, and when rubbish is collected
  • We provide a property inventory and schedule of condition for you to check and comment on after you have checked it in the property
  • We complete your standing order form for your bank to ensure your rent is paid on time
  • We obtain your confirmation you understand you are liable for any damage you cause to the property
  • We provide information about how to report anything wrong with the property
  • We provide a guide booklet explaining the essential things you need to know
  • We hand over the keys so you can move in!

Will an inventory always be drawn up?

Next to the Tenancy Agreement the Inventory and Schedule of Condition Report is the most important document you will have at the start of your tenancy. It protects you as it is an accurate record of the condition of fixtures, fittings and decoration in the property at the start of the Tenancy. This will be the basis of calculating any costs for damage, repairs, cleaning etc at the end of your tenancy.

Subject to the landlord’s instruction we prepare a detailed Inventory and Condition Report for you to sign at the start of your tenancy. You will have three working days to review the report and return it to us with any reasonable comments or amendments you may have. We will then clarify these comments with you.

On the last day of your tenancy we will use this report as a guide to show whether you have left the property in the same state as you found it, other than fair wear and tear. If the property is not as clean as detailed in the inventory, or there is any damage, then the cost of addressing these will need to be covered by you. See ‘What costs I am liable for at the end of the tenancy?’ in our Leaving the Property Section.

Apart from rent what other costs am I liable for during the tenancy?

  • Council Tax – we will advise you of the band for your property. On new properties this is not always available
  • Utility bills – Gas, Electricity, Telephone and Water Rates including sewerage and environmental charges
  • TV Licence
  • Phone and broadband
  • Satellite or cable TV (need landlord permission to fit)
  • Tenants’ contents insurance
  • Any damage to the landlord’s fixtures, fittings, furniture or appliances caused by you, any people you live with or your guests
  • Any items missing from the property
  • If you make a call out and it is found that the problem is not your landlord’s responsibility, you will be liable for all costs incurred.

What do I do about changing over utility accounts?

As soon as your tenancy starts you become responsible for the payment of gas, electricity, council tax, telephone, TV Licence and water charges.

In order to make life easier we will usually arrange for any gas and electricity to be supplied by Spark Energy Supply Ltd. at the start of your tenancy. You are not tied to them and can change if you prefer. However as they provide good value and handle utility transfers easily at the beginning and end of any tenancy, most tenants continue to use Spark Energy.

If we are managing your property Spark Energy will notify the Council and Water company you have moved in. It is important that you set up accounts in your name with the appropriate authority for these, as well as telephone and TV Licence.

Make sure you keep your account details as you will need to contact these companies at the end of your tenancy to close your account and to prove you have no outstanding bills.

What insurance do I need?

Before commencement of the tenancy, we will require you to provide proof of adequate insurance to cover both your own belongings, and any accidental damage to your landlord’s fixtures and fittings (not covered by normal contents insurance). There are a number of companies providing this cover. We have selected a provider WeLoveTenants.co.uk who have a simple on line application process.

How do I know my property is safe?

Periodic safety checks are required for your home e.g. gas appliances must be checked annually. We will arrange these when they are due, providing you with copies of documents as appropriate. You need to allow our contractors access to ensure these are completed when requested.

However you also have a responsibility to notify us or your landlord of any concerns. You also need to look after the property properly and do the little jobs around the home that any reasonable tenant might do to ensure it is safe.

Can I get satellite TV?

If you want to fix a satellite dish to the property you need to get permission from your landlord. If they give permission it is likely to be on the condition that you ensure no breaches of planning or lease requirements, and you remove the dish and any signs of the fitting at the end of your tenancy.

Can I make changes to the property?

Usually changes are not allowed to any property. With your landlord’s permission then items such as pictures etc. can be fitted, on the condition that the hooks and fixtures are removed at the end of your tenancy, along with any sign they were there. If you want to make a more substantial change, e.g. sometimes people want to decorate in a colour of their choice, then this is likely to need a specific agreement, so please contact us.

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