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Here’s how to find your ideal home, and make sure you get it!

DRAFT NEEDS REPLACINGRegister your details

If you haven’t spotted a property you’d like to view, you can register with us by filling in the form below so we can call you back. Or call the office on 01480 494939.

We will take some information from you, such as the type of property you would like, how many bedrooms you need, your requirements for parking, garden, furnished or unfurnished.  Also who will be living in the property, will anyone be a smoker or do you have pets, children or any special requirements?

Then we need to know whether you can afford the rent, we would expect the total proved earnings of the named residents (over age 18) to be at least 2.5 times the annual rent (30 x the monthly rent).

Once you have found a property you think would like to rent, arrange a viewing.

Young woman looking through binoculars in grassArranging a viewing

When you are ready to view we will make your appointments for you.  However, before arranging the viewing we recommend you read our ‘Helpful Property Viewing Hints’ document to ensure you have everything you need to help you choose the right home for you.

If you find a property you like in our Property Search pages, you can arrange a viewing directly from the form in that property page.

We like to attend the viewings with you so that we can answer any questions you have and make sure that you have enough opportunity to see everything you want to in order to make an informed decision about taking a tenancy.  Once you are ready to make an offer please get in touch to reserve your new home.


gain-access-2Reserving your new home

Once you have found your perfect pad and have made an offer, you can pay to reserve this which ensures no one else can view the property with us.  The referencing procedure will then commence and, if the property owner is satisfied with the references, we can produce the legal documents needed for you to move in.

Before you pay any fees to us we want to ensure you have a clear understanding of your obligations and undertakings when taking on a tenancy. Therefore we will send you our Resident Working Agreement review and sign: without this document signed by all residents, the tenancy cannot start. We also suggest you review our Sample Tenancy Document.

Click here to find out all the costs associated with your new tenancy.


Or drop us a line so we can get in touch.