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Safety Obligations

There are a number of obligations and expectations on owners when renting properties. To make life easier we have set out a summary of the key things you need to know.

Many issues are not explicit legal requirements, but considered good practice. It could be that you follow none of the good practice, with no apparent problem. The risk is that if there is a claim against you, or you are prosecuted, or someone was injured, then you would have almost no defence if you failed to follow established good practice, particularly as most items can be addressed at very low cost. It is also likely that any insurance policy on your property will stipulate compliance with best practice, or make specific requirements, without which the insurer may not settle any claim.

Click here for details about your safety obligations

Click here for details of handling inventory and Schedule of Condition reports

Repairs and Maintenance

Most aspects of property maintenance are things where owners need to decide the approach they will take to looking after their property – in short, what value do you get from looking after your customers?

Click here to see our page on repair budgeting and approach

Problem Residents


A major concern for many landlords is residents who cause a problem, in particular where they are a nuisance to neighbours. We have set out a summary of the key issues to be concerned about and what steps can be taken.

Click here for details of how to handle problem residents

Click here for details about serving notice to end a tenancy

End of Tenancy

Negotiating charges to your residents deposit can be a minefield. If things are not handled carefully then this can prove expensive.

Click here for details of the important things to be aware of when negotiating damages from a resident at the end of a tenancy.

However the biggest concern for many owners is not being able to get their property back from their residents. Happily it is a rare problem if you choose your residents well and properly maintain your side of the tenancy. There are also clearly defined steps to very successfully regain possession of your property, providing all the paperwork and legally required steps have been properly completed at the right time.

Click here for details of what happens if there is a problem gaining possession of your property.


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