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Extending and renewing your tenancy

A few weeks before the end of your tenancy term we will contact you to see if you wish to stay in the property, or you may choose to contact us first.

If you wish to stay we will aim to agree that with your landlord. Most landlords want stable, reliable tenants. Therefore most landlords agree a further tenancy unless there are specific issues with their tenants, or they have other plans for the property.

When renewing a tenancy we will review the rent, based on the market rent for that property.

If you agree the rent and any other changes then you will need to decide how you would like to renew your tenancy. Generally there are 2 main types;

Assured ShortholdMore certainty but less flexibilityFixed term – can’t normally be ended by you or your landlord before the end of that term. Your first tenancy with us will probably be on this basis, usually for 12 months with a 6 month break clause. These are often renewed for 12 or more months
Statutory PeriodicLess certainty but more flexibilityTwo month rolling contract – your contract says either you or your Landlord can give two months’ notice to end the tenancy

Either you or your landlord may have strong views and want a certain tenancy type. We aim to agree the tenancy type between you and your landlord.
There is a charge for agreeing either type of tenancy.