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Extending and renewing your tenancy

Your first tenancy with us will usually be an ‘Assured Shorthold’ tenancy  – this is a fixed term tenancy where both you and your landlord commit to the tenancy for the fixed period.

At the end of this period your tenancy will usually automatically renew on a rolling basis. This means either you or your landlord can give 2 months’ notice to end the tenancy at any time.

The main differences between these two types of tenancy are:

Assured ShortholdMore certainty but less flexibilityFixed term – can’t normally be ended by you or your landlord before the end of that term. Your first tenancy with us will probably be on this basis, usually for 12 months with a 6 month break clause.
Statutory PeriodicLess certainty but more flexibilityTwo month rolling contract – your contract says either you or your Landlord can give two months’ notice to end the tenancy

If you prefer to renew the tenancy on a fixed term basis then please let us know. We will then check with your landlord whether they are content to commit to another fixed period tenancy and whether they are willing to meet the cost of updating the tenancy documents. As tenants can’t be charged for this service the decision lies with the landlord.

If your landlord does not want to agree a further fixed term tenancy this does not mean your landlord wishes to end the tenancy. Most landlords want stable, reliable tenants, and we have many long term tenancies operating on a rolling basis.

Your tenancy will usually be subject to annual rent reviews. We will contact you when these are due.