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6Mar Is coronavirus bugging you?

Is coronavirus bugging you?

The news is full of CoronaVirus (COVID-19), with opinions ranging from don’t worry to desperate panic. The fact is there is a new virus and few of us will have any natural resistance. It is still early days and at…

12Sep Cybercrime in Cambridge

Cybercrime in Cambridge

Cybercrime now accounts for 50% of all reported crime and it is growing according to Nigel Sutton  (fraud and cybersecurity advisor for Cambridge constabulary). Here are some top tips for making yourself more secure.

17Aug 3 year minimum tenancies increase risks for landlords

3 year minimum tenancies increase risks for landlords

The government have launched a consultation on having 3-year tenancies as standard, rather than the current 6-12 months. We think this has a number of risks for landlords, read on to hear our views.

10Aug Why Buying Isn’t Always Best
11May Don’t despair! 
11May Yet more rules…
11May Greater powers to Councils to enforce letting standards
11May Changes to Homes in Multiple Occupancy Rules
11May Compulsory Carbon Monoxide Alarms
11May Electrical Installation Condition Reporting