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What do I need to insure as a landlord?

Picture of hand putting a seatbelt into position.

There are insurances you need to take out and there are insurances that you feel is worth taking the risk of not having. A lot of the landlords we work with come under the latter category.

And why shouldn’t they?

We are proud to say each week that 98-99% of our landlords are paid on time.

So, what’s the risk?

Unfortunately, I am seeing that the world is changing. In 18 years of managing the risk for landlords we have had to evict many people, but we’ve only been to court twice to do it: one who was paying the rent and wanted to be evicted to be able to get on to the council register, the other only paid the rent for the first six months.

‘Over 18 years that’s not a bad record’ I hear you say. Unfortunately, both of those court cases have happened over the last four months, and on both instances the landlords were not insured. That has meant court costs for those landlords of over £5,000, ignoring the cost of us dealing with the issue and the loss of rental income.

Thanks to Google, anyone can see how the system can be played – from trying to prove harassment, obtaining enforcement orders and just staying put until the bailiffs knock on the door.  Obviously, we have your back and make sure that the risk is manageable, but there increasing legal costs to getting your property back, plus loss of income.

Therefore, we now believe it is essential for all our customers to have insurance to cover them for the rare occasion there is a problem.

Think of it like a safety belt.

I expect you feel that you are a very safe driver and haven’t had an accident in ages – but would you drive off without putting your safety belt on?

If you want to find out about the type of safety belt, head to our legal expenses and rent protection page.