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Being a landlord in 2024 is as challenging as it has ever been!

As an industry professional, a qualified member of ARLA and somebody who works with landlords daily, I see so many of you fall foul of compliance due to simply not knowing any better. Quite often it is new compliance that is missed, which is why it is so important to educate yourselves and be prepared for changes you need to implement. But I also see a lot of landlords who have overlooked key existing pieces of legislation too.

It could be anything from simply allowing safety certificates to expire, not registering a deposit, not conducting right-to-rent checks or not serving the correct documents at the start of the tenancy to more complex issues such as licensing or HMO compliance. Whatever it is, all of these common mistakes carry a lot of liability in the shape of potential prosecution, fines and banning orders. In very extreme cases, certain offences can even be known to carry prison sentences and let’s be honest, we didn’t become landlords to have to worry about that!

The main reason we start investing in property is to make money, whether it is through additional cash flow or appreciating value over time. In more recent times we see more financial challenges such as increased mortgage rates, unfavourable taxation laws and a declining housing market – yet so many landlords are under-charging and not managing their rental income in a way that would make their investment make sense!

So I get it, being a landlord can be hard work! Along with my team, we are on a mission to help educate and support our local landlord community…

This is why we are running a Landlord Legislation Evening on Thursday 16th May – we aim to have you stay on top of new legislation, remain compliant and inspire you to optimise your investments.

We aim to run these webinars every quarter and are completely free to attend – we welcome all landlords to take part and ask all your burning questions so you can receive advice directly from the experts.

We will be covering the following key topics:

  • Housing market update – insights on house prices and key activity in the marketplace
  • Rental market update – are rents still rising?
  • Renters Reform Bill – what’s it all about and when is it likely to happen?
  • The most common mistakes made by landlords and how to avoid them – learn how to manage your tenancies compliantly
  • A live Q&A with Maxine and Matthew as well as other important legislation training for landlords

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