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An update on the Renters Reform Bill

We have been waiting for an update on the Renters Reform Bill  since November 2019. The much heralded changes were going to include, amongst other things, scrapping Section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act. This is more commonly known as a no fault eviction clause.

Why? Because it was felt that the Section 21 was the major cause of homelessness. I find this a bit odd since, from our point of view, 79% of tenancies are ended by the tenant and not the landlord.     

Other prospective changes to the Renters Reform Bill include:

  • extend the grounds for possession under section 8
  • remove landlords’ ability to grant new assured shorthold tenancies (ASTs)
  • improve the processing of repossession orders
  • introduction of a lifetime deposit

Admittedly, there has been something called a global pandemic which has slowed things up. However, the lack of inclusion in the Queens speech back in May 2021, does make you wonder if this change in legislation will move ahead.

Over the last three years we have found there are two main reasons our landlords issue a Section 21:

  1. non payment of rent

  2. the need to move back into the property

And again, in a majority of occasions, the tenant decides to move out of the property before the two months notice has expired. This is normally because they have found another property to move into.

So will anything happen in 2022?

The industry thoughts are that this legislation may appear in a white paper which will then need to be consulted upon. We are possibly looking at a few years.

Throughout the pandemic we have kept you up to date on legislative on notice periods- they changed four times in 18 months.

As soon as we hear anything you will be the first to know.


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