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Owner Support Service Package

Owners who want the benefits of our ‘Set Up and Monitor’ service package with the confidence of knowing the periodic compliance certificates are completed, we complete the first Safety Compliance Visit, we handle the maintenance calls out of hours and when you’re on holiday, rents are reviewed annually and you have advice on handling any resident behaviour issues.

These owners are confident managing all maintenance issues and having day to day contact with their residents.

If that is the case for you, then have a look at the key features of the Owner Support Service, which are in addition to those in our Set Up and Monitor Service Package, and are listed below:

1.Arrange completion of periodic compliance certificates
2.Out of hours maintenance cover
3.Holiday maintenance cover
4.Safety Compliance Visit within 6 months of Check-In
5.Market review and annual rental increase service
6.Service of Section 13 notices
7.Advice on addressing resident behaviour in breach of tenancy
All for monthly cost of just 9% monthly rent, with a £75 monthly minimum (+VAT)

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