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Why are charges moving to be event based?

Average tenancies are now nearly 40 months, a figure that has been growing for some years. This reflects the fact Owners are improving their properties to make it more likely they get long term stable tenancies. Sadly despite this, there are a minority of tenants who choose to leave sooner, or not live within the terms of their tenancy. Inevitably these cause a spike in workload, meaning a spike in costs.

Rather than continue to share these costs across all owners, the majority of whom have long term stable tenancies, we will now be charging these costs to the Owner affected.

The following are event based services which will be chargeable from 1 April 2024

Resident end of tenancy checkout

The most significant event to most Owners is a tenancy changeover. We have always charged to find a tenant, but will now move to charge for the checkout. This includes the end of tenancy review of property condition; assess what claims from the deposit may be justified; produce evidence to support claims; agree levels with Owner; meet the requirements to negotiate to reach an agreement; handle utility notification; finalise the amounts between both parties; conclude all paperwork and deposit protection requirements.

We are keeping this separate from the cost to find a tenant as some Owners do this themselves or are not reletting the property.

Charge inc. VAT = £250 – equivalent to £6.41 per month for an average length tenancy.

If our advice about justifiable claims from the deposit are not followed and negotiations become extended we will add our £60 hourly charge for the extended negotiations.

If you choose the Concierge Service, this service is not chargeable.

Safety Compliance Visit

We need to protect Owners by changing the format of the routine property visits from the old ‘spot check’ to a more comprehensive Safety Compliance visit. For more details on the risks of not doing these visits please see our Safety Compliance page.

Sadly these visits take significantly longer to complete, plus we need to update our systems to ensure accurate records.

Charge per visit inc. VAT = £126

We will complete the first of these in any tenancy at no charge as part of the tenancy start for all service packages except Self-Manage and Set up and Monitor packages. Thereafter we will schedule these on a chargeable basis twice a year, unless you choose to change the frequency.

If you choose the Concierge Service, these visits are not chargeable.

Base check, or similar.

A separate property visit is needed specifically to check for compliance issues, typically for  military residents

Charge per visit inc. VAT £90

Contractor Management

For more background a explanation please see our contractor management page.

Owner preferred contractor – to put through formal vetting and approval – £75 inc. VAT

Chase for Owner preferred contractor failing to complete safety compliance certificate a week before due – £45 inc. VAT

Managing works through Owner service contracts – £60 per hour inc. VAT.

Loan of emergency heaters – £60 per heater per month

Manage works or access for block management companies – £90 per issue

Handle general property maintenance not related to tenancy 10% of cost, subject to £75 minimum

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