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A key aspect of our service is ensuring we have a range of competent, qualified, reliable and good value contractors to complete the works you need to meet your obligations under the tenancy and maintain the value of your property.

Finding such contractors is not easy. There is a shortage of quality contractors, so they have choice. We ensure our systems make life easier for them, meaning we can expect much more from them than the average customer. As many have a significant volume of work with us, we have some leverage. The volume of work we have with different contractors means we can make comparisons about the value of many jobs. However they have been known to refuse to work at a property if they feel they are being treated unreasonably, e.g. repeat quotes that never result in work.

In short, we work hard to ensure the balance in the relationship works in your favour!

Contractor vetting and approval

Apart from needing contractors to work to certain rules and standards, we carry a significant  legal liability when instructing and managing contractors on behalf of Owners, e.g. if the contractor causes a fault in the property, or someone is injured. We therefore ensure we carefully select, test and approve our contractors, including:

  • They have the appropriate registrations and accreditations for their work
  • They have met all relevant health and safety requirements for their work
  • Their insurance cover is appropriate and in date
  • They meet our warranty arrangements, ensuring we can usually call them back to any faulty work for an extended period
  • They will meet our data protection requirements, ensuring Owner and Resident personal details are properly managed and secured
  • They will meet our standards of conduct when in Resident’s homes
  • They will keep accurate records of communications with Residents (essential requirement to prove Owners have acted properly)
  • They will manage arranging access with the residents
  • They will follow our key management procedure
  • They will follow our invoicing requirements
  • They will give work appropriate priority – usually faster than possible for direct paying customers.

Unless these steps have been successfully completed, we can’t be involved in instructing or managing any contractor, even if the Owner is content with them.

Range of Contractors

We have approved contractors for all routine works related to management of the tenancy in most residential properties, e.g. plumbing; gas safety; heating engineers; electrical; handyman; pest control; decorating; floor coverings; locks; glazing; roof repairs; gutter repairs; gardening; cleaning; appliance repairs; new appliances; inventory; energy performance certificates;

Plus we have contractors for property updates, e.g. bathroom upgrade; kitchen upgrade; replacement windows; minor building works (repairs to plasterboard; repairs to floors; adjust door hanging)

Owners preferred contractors

To protect against the above risks and liabilities we offer Owners a choice

  1. The Owner instructs and manages their own contractor
  2. The Owner pays £75 for us to put the contractor through our contractor approval process (we would not charge if this is a contractor we need or already use!).
  3. Use one of the existing approved contractors.

Owners Safety compliance certificates contractors

Along with Owners we have a legal obligation to ensure these certificates up to date and we carry a significant legal risk if they are not. We need the actual satisfactory certificate from a properly registered contractor to remove this risk.

On the rare occasions where Owners prefer to instruct and manage their own contractors to complete these checks we usually get copies of the certificate in good time.

However there are times where we need chase Owners for the certificates. In future where we do not have the certificate a week before it is due to expire we will charge £45 inc VAT to cover the cost of chasing to get the certificate.

If we do not have the certificate a week after it is due, we will instruct one of our own contractors to compete the work at the Owners cost, to ensure we are not exposed to the legal risk.

Using service contracts

There are a number of service contracts covering things such as boilers, plumbing,  showers, appliances etc.

Sadly these can take a great deal of time to manage – reporting any issue can mean being on hold for ages and they do not always arrange contact with the resident, causing additional lost time.

Sometimes these contracts are the only way to get a boiler or shower repaired cost effectively, so they have their uses. However, due to the difficulty in arranging any works through them we sadly need to charge an hourly rate when reporting issues or managing these contractors.

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