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Owner Rescue Service

Sadly, life is not perfect!

Whilst most tenancies work well, when they don’t, it can get messy and expensive. Renting is a legal minefield – one wrong step by you or your agent and you may not be able to get your property back. For most owners this can be hugely stressful as they have a significant investment tied up in their property and the rental income is important.

Many Owners believe they can manage things themselves, which it appears they can when things are going well, but sometimes they inadvertently cause themselves a problem, which can takes years to appear. You need considerable expertise and knowledge to avoid such problems – even more to get you out of the mess so you can have peace of mind!

It could be:

  • You have a resident who won’t live within the terms of the tenancy; or pay their rent; or leave the property
  • You have a resident who is claiming you are in breach of your extensive obligations under the tenancy, or you are harassing them
  • You have the local authority involved, with the risk of an improvement notice
  • You have been managing things directly, and feel things have got out of hand
  • You have an agent who has let you down

In which case, you need our Owner Rescue service, so things get back on track and we can ease your mind.

1.Get a clear picture of your concerns
2.Conduct a complete review of your tenancy and property to identify any risks
3.Identify options, likely costs and outcomes
4.Agree a plan of action with you, along with costs
All for just £350 (inc. VAT)

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