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We have all seen reports of fires caused by charging devices such as e-scooters or e-bikes. As battery powered devices in our homes become used more widely, the risk of fire is likely to increase.

Residents need to be particularly aware of these risks and take the following precautions:

Batteries, chargers and devices

  • All batteries and chargers must meet official safety standards
  • Only use devices and appliances that come from a reputable source and clearly shows the safety standards they comply with (more fires are caused by ‘dodgy’ or cheap imports – be careful!)
  • All chargers used should be the official correct charger for the battery concerned
  • Manufacturer’s instructions should be followed at all times – in particular, note maximum charge levels and temperature thresholds
  • Batteries and chargers should not be tampered with or modified

Battery Housekeeping

  • Batteries should be checked carefully before charging to make sure that they have not been damaged (e.g. by being dropped) and that there are no cracks, dents, or leaks in the battery casing
  • Batteries should also be kept clean, as dust and dirt build up on the battery contacts can cause them to overheat
  • Batteries should be disconnected when not in use and kept in a battery case or fireproof bag

Charging batteries

  • Batteries should be allowed to cool before charging
  • Batteries should not be left to charge unattended and should be unplugged as soon as they have finished charging
  • Batteries should not be charged near flammable materials – where possible, charge them in an isolated area to contain any potential fire

At all times remember you would be potentially liable if you caused a fire by not following reasonable safety guidelines.

If you are concerned about fire safety in your home, please get in touch.