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The Covid pandemic made us all more aware of the need to reduce the chances of spreading an infection. This applies for colds, flu or any potentially contagious infection, as well as Covid.

In the pre-Covid world we have all ‘toughed it out’ and come to work when poorly, thereby often sharing our infection. We want to reduce the chance of that happening in future.

Since the Covid restrictions have been removed we have returned to normal working with the following exceptions:

  • If any member of our team suspects they have any contagious infection they will not meet people– we will aim to rearrange the appointment or another member of the team will come.
  • When we are meeting anyone we will check that person is not likely to have a contagious infection.
  • Where we are visiting someone’s home we will let them decide whether we should take any extra precautions to protect them, e.g. wearing facemasks
  • We will reduce the chance of infection by limiting the number of people in small space and/or requiring facemasks.

Hopefully we will not have any repeats of the lockdowns of the past. However if we do we are confident we can continue to deliver your services. Throughout the Covid pandemic delivered all our services, retaining and paying all our staff without using any Government Furlough support, and having no incidents of staff being infected at work.

If you have any particular concerns about Covid or our measures to reduce the chance of spreading an infection, please get in touch.

We know people have a number of concerns about how the pandemic may impact on their property. To help we have listed these questions and provided the answers