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We know potential customers value the views of current customers to help them decide whether to work with us. We take great pride in our high levels of customers service, which is why almost all our new customers say they chose us because of personal comments and recommendations. You will see from some feedback that we have not yet hit perfection, but we strive for it, disappointment from our clients hits us hard making us work even harder to rectify any issues.

In addition to the testimonials below we also have:

All staff are very helpful, knowledgeable and responsive but Maxine is an exceptional force behind the team

Jillian Lane - Landlord

We have never had major issues with this agency. They are the best we have had! The checking of the house we feel is too often for good tenants but we do understand why it has to happen.

Charlene Bush - Tenant

I can find no fault with Maxine Lester

Sharon Cannon - Tenant

Maxine makes this service run like a smoothly oiled machine with just the right balance of business but personal and caring service. It’s miles better than any other letting agency I have used.

Alison Dunk - Landlord

All staff are really helpful & seem very happy in their work

Steve Webb - Landlord

All members of the Maxine Lester team have been amazing in their professionalism and knowledge. Stephanie deserves a special mention for her professionalism and photographic prowess

Trevor Ilott - Landlord

Maxine Lester and her team have been managing my properties for over six years and throughout that time I have found them to be efficient, proficient and very pleasant to work with.

Cliff Bloomfield - Landlord

Sally Pearton is a particularly friendly person who makes you feel special

David Wells - Tenant

Excellent friendly personal service

Jeff Fenton - Landlord

They are always one step ahead of me, which is fantastic! And a special thanks has to go to Steph!

Sophie Raven - Landlord