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We know potential customers value the views of current customers to help them decide whether to work with us. We take great pride in our high levels of customers service, which is why almost all our new customers say they chose us because of personal comments and recommendations. You will see from some feedback that we have not yet hit perfection, but we strive for it, disappointment from our clients hits us hard making us work even harder to rectify any issues.

In addition to the testimonials below we also have:

Easiest experience with a letting agent we've ever had!

Miss Eve E Rooks - Tenant


Maniy - Tenant

We have very busy lives running three pubs in Cambridge and Maxine Lester and the team look after our rental property so well that we often forget we even have one, this enables us to get on with business

Hayley Pellegrini - Landlord

All staff at Maxine Lester are excellent and I have no concern with their abilities to ensure that they provide the best services available. They communicate well and all repairs were carried out speedily.

Jess Rahman - Landlord

The Maxine Lester team seems to be very busy, but also efficient and gets the important work done, which is managing my property and keeping the tenants happy.

Neil Renwick - Landlord

Maxine Lester has looked after the letting of my property in Cambridge for 9 years. I completely trust this company. They are communicative, efficient and extremely friendly. Amazing company.

Susanne Man - Landlord

I have been using Maxine Lester Residential for 10 years plus and have always been delighted with the service provided and their responses whenever I've had a query or issue with the property or tenancy.

Chris Hornby - Landlord

The whole office works as a team and they have looked after us very well and are very efficient. Nothing is too much trouble and they are an excellent company to deal with.

Alice Neaves - Landlord

All staff very helpful, friendly and professional.

Graham Loft - Landlord

They were very understanding when I needed to rent a property and for the checks to go through fast. They where very helpful and couldn’t speak a word against them

Rachel Watson - Tenant