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We know potential customers value the views of current customers to help them decide whether to work with us. We take great pride in our high levels of customers service, which is why almost all our new customers say they chose us because of personal comments and recommendations. You will see from some feedback that we have not yet hit perfection, but we strive for it, disappointment from our clients hits us hard making us work even harder to rectify any issues.

In addition to the testimonials below we also have:

Easy to talk to, explain everything really well.

Managed Landlord - Landlord

I have always been impressed how professional the Maxine Lester team is, as a landlord I feel they work on my behalf but also that of the tenant which I believe to be just as important.

Peter Liepa - Landlord

Maxine Lester provide the very best service to me as a Landlord, I can not recommend them enough :)

Julia Mejer - Landlord

The staff are all very helpful and any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently. I would certainly recommend this agency.

Lee Ellingworth - Tenant

Very professional, friendly and genuine with excellent service levels

Steve Knott - Landlord

We have always found Maxine Lester very professional, looking after our tenants needs as well as our own in a speedy and professional manner.

Jenny Morley - Landlord

The entire letting team is superb. We are very pleased with the service we received from Maxine, Kudos to all. Job extremely well done.

Renee Forcier - Tenant

All the team are excellent, wouldn't go with any other agent

James Aldridge - Landlord

At the time we were really struggling to find much rented accommodation anywhere that would take pets. Some agencies would have none at all. Many thanks to Maxine Lester for finding us a home.

Gregory Schofield - Tenant

Over the 12 years of them looking after my property, I found all the staff to be extremely professional, helpful and friendly at all times.

John Ward Hunt - Landlord