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5 ways to turn your home office into a haven

According to property portal, Rightmove, there has been a 326% jump in the use of terms like ‘working from home’, ’office’ and ‘workspace’ across property listings.

While at the start of the pandemic, plonking your desktop PC on your dining room table and manoeuvring around it might have felt like a novelty, now that we’re a year in it might be getting a bit tough – especially if you’re thinking it might be something you need to adopt long term, with 74% of businesses looking to continue incorporating working from home in some capacity when the pandemic is over.

Get clever about your desk

Maybe you don’t have much room, maybe there are multiple people at home needing space to work. There are some really brilliant and space-saving ideas for desks, which will help you save on space, and make it easy to pack up at the end of the day. You can get cupboards with desk shelves which slide out, shelves that unfurl to become desks, and even slimline cabinets that are actually fold-down desks. It’s worth measuring your space and shopping around for clever ideas, rather than worrying about fitting a traditionally-sized desk into your home.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants have had a bit of a revival in recent times and for very good reason. They’ve been scientifically proven to improve your mood, reduce fatigue, lower stress, and even improve performance and focus – what’s not to love? A great addition to any desk. Worried that you won’t be able to keep them alive? Plant company Beards and Daisies have a list of unkillable houseplants.

Shut your work stuff away

Getting separation from your work when you’ve shut your laptop for the day is really important to help you rewind. If you can fold your desk away into a cupboard, and close the doors on all of your work-related paraphernalia it can really help you to switch off, and see your living space as relaxing again. This is a particularly great option if you don’t have a room spare to use as your office.

Add a pop of colour

When you’re a tenant, it’s likely that your walls are painted a neutral colour and it might not be possible to change that. So how do you go about adding a pop of colour to brighten your work day? Rugs, cushions, throws, pen pots, funky stationery – they’re all great ways of making your surroundings more vibrant and personal to you.

One tip we’ve picked up, is to find some colourful wallpaper that you love, frame it in big frames, stand them on the floor and lean them against the wall. A really easy, non-permanent way of making your walls more colourful.

Blend it in

If you don’t have the room to create a separate space, then blending your work stuff in with your surroundings is a good way to stop it being a constant reminder of what you’ve got to do next time you’re in work mode. Try using a piece of furniture you already have, such as a dressing table, and dress it with photographs, trinkets, plants, or vases of flowers when you’re not using it for work. It’ll help you transition from work-mode to home-mode in an instant.

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