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Tenant Contact Service Package

Landlords who want the benefits of our ‘Rent Collect’ service’ but prefer to not to be the first point of contact for tenants and would like to have the property visited regularly to keep an eye on the condition of the property. These landlords would also like to ensure the end of tenancy negotiations with the tenants are handled well and do not wish to receive out of hours maintenance calls. Let’s face it, who really wants to be bothered by a leaking tap or a blocked drain on a Sunday evening!

If that is the case for you, then have a look at the key features of the Tenant Contact Service, which are in addition to those in our Rent Collect Service Package, and are listed below:

1.Discuss and clarify any issues identified on the inventory by the tenants
2.Regular property visits – 4 in first 18 months, then typically twice annually
3.Comprehensive photographic written visit reports emailed to you
4.Handling issues with tenants behaviour found on property visits, formally writing to tenants where required
5.1st point of tenant contact for any out of hours maintenance issues, completing priority work, or delaying until next working day for you where possible (you will take calls at other times)
6.Clear advice on options if tenants are not meeting their obligations
7.Comprehensive end of tenancy ‘check-out’ procedure
8.Negotiation with tenants for any dilapidation charges
All for monthly cost of just 10% of the monthly rent, subject to a £75 minimum (plus VAT).

Or drop us a line and we will get in touch.