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Tenancy Agreement Service Package

For those who not only want our Find Your Tenant Service, but also want the referencing and legalities of the tenancy start properly handled, including the tenancy document, issuing of correct documents etc.

We do not want someone going into your property who we would not put into one of our own properties. So after careful applicant vetting and we undertake comprehensive referencing and tenant checks.

Once you have accepted the applicants we ensure all of the relevant paperwork is properly signed, executed and recorded to offer you the best protection, before we then check your tenants into their new home.

The key features of the Tenancy Agreement Service, which are in addition to those in our Find Your Tenant service, are listed below:

1.Tenant references and right to rent checks
2.Negotiation of terms into up-to-date tenancy agreement
3.Bespoke moving-in pack for your tenants
4.Comprehensive check-in and utility hand over
5.Take deposit and first months’ rent, passing to you once check in complete
All for a one off cost of 36% of the monthly rent, subject to a £250 minimum (plus VAT).

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