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7Nov Ted


My name is Ted, I’m a year younger than Smudge. Everyone says I am a typical boy because all I want to do is to eat, sleep, run and make poo smells. I love making smells the most and can clear an office in less than 2 seconds, it’s such fun! My speciality is the Company Pet consultant, so if anyone wants to have a pet, it’s to me they come so I can check them out. Did I say that I love smelling bums? I also love cats. I have never tried one but I reckon they’d be great barbequed with a dog biscuit side salad – I don’t think I should say that. I am not sure about all this ARLA lark but I do go to school so that I can learn more manners. You can usually find me in the front office on the sofa, so when you see me just say hi!