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16Oct Becky Hammond

Becky Hammond

“Doing what is needed to provide great property management!”

T: 01480 494967

E: [email protected]

I have worked in residential lettings since 2009.

I joined Maxine Lesters after having 10 months off to look after my first baby Gracie. I wanted to work, but also wanted to look after my daughter. I knew of Maxine Lesters by reputation and through their awards. It was great they could be flexible on my hours so I could put my property management experience to good use.

I cover all aspects of property management, doing check-ins, check-outs and property visits when the rest of the team are stretched, meaning we can maintain the quality of our work.

Outside work my life is, inevitably, Gracie centered. She loves Waybuloos, so I get far more Waybuloos in my life than I could ever have imagined!

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