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Your property is a huge investment, so if you do not understand landlord and tenant law self-managing is very much like taking the risk of not having insurance or not using your seat belts. You only really see the value when there is a problem, but if you have no cover, a problem will be expensive and or painful!  If in doubt, you might review our Compliance checklist to see if you can confidently cover all these issues.

More importantly a trained professional will excel in their own profession. After all most people go to a solicitor for legal advice, and a mechanic to get the car fixed. It must surely be most appropriate to use a specialist to handle the letting of something as valuable as a house or flat.

The Housing Act of 1988 gave owners the ability to let their homes/properties with an absolute right of repossession. It also gave residents security of tenure for pre-agreed periods.  

It all sounds very straight forward. However, badly prepared tenancy agreements lack of knowledge of the various Acts which regulate the rental of properties (there are 179 in total at last count), lack of knowledge of the constant test case and best practice changes plus poorly prepared inventories are just some of the pitfalls that an owner could fall into.

Once you become the owner of a rental property, you start a business. Some people feel uncomfortable dealing directly with their customers, particularly when it comes to asking for late rents or serving notice to ask your resident to leave ‘their’ home. Also there are many technical pitfalls on the legal aspects – if notices are not served properly you may not be able to get possession of your property.

By using the services of a reputable letting agent you can ensure that the legal aspects of renting your property are covered. You can also be assured that correct procedures are followed for the set-up, running and conclusion of tenancies.

As a qualified Propertymark agent Maxine Lester Lettings and Property Management aim to explain clearly, in jargon free language, what needs to be done to best protect your interests and make the most of what you have.

Not only are we technically competent, we deliver award winning levels of customer service – this is essential as your relationship with a letting agent will mean working closely with the people managing your property.

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Lettings Guide Brochure

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