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Before reporting a repair
please check the details on this page

Who is responsible for what repairs?

Your landlord is responsible for ensuring the safe and effective operation of the systems in your home e.g. heat, water, electric and drainage, and for the building itself.
You are responsible for looking after your home properly and doing the little jobs around the property that any reasonable tenant might do. This includes things like changing any light bulbs, making sure the filter on the washing machine is clear.

Who should I contact about a repair?

When you moved in you would have received details about who to contact for any repairs. In most cases you should contact Maxine Lester Lettings and Property Management.
However in some cases you need to contact your landlord directly as they handle repairs. In this situation we have no authority to deal with your property and we will not be able to help you with the repair.
You may also have been given details of any maintenance cover on the property, e.g. British Gas. You should always call them first. This will be the quickest way to get work done as you will be dealing directly with the supplier.
If in doubt then please ask.

Should I report a repair out of normal working hours?

If you have a priority item, such as no heat or a leak, then please feel free to contact our out of hours telephone number, available by dialing 01480 494967.
However in most cases these issues will wait till the next working day,  particularly if you follow the self help tips.
If in doubt, or you have a particularly vulnerable person in the house and conditions are not good then please call.

What happens when I report a repair to Maxine Lester Lettings and Property Management?

If you report something and it is your landlord’s responsibility, we will seek their authority to get the work done. This can take a few days. Once the work has been authorised we will instruct a contractor to contact you to arrange access to get the work done.

Where it is a priority item or there is a significant risk, we will get on with things to reduce any problem or risk.

How quickly will Maxine Lester Lettings and Property Management respond to a repair call?

Where we have been asked by your landlord to manage the property maintenance we follow these time-scales:

As soon as possible
Gas Leak
Major Water Leak
24 hours (sooner if possible)
No Electricity
No Heat
No Hot Water
Property not Secure or Accessible
Blocked Drain
Routine Issue
Within 5 working days
Pest Control
Faults to Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment
Other Repairs

How do contractors get access for repairs?

To get things fixed in your property we or our contractors will agree access arrangements with you, giving at least 24 hours’ notice if needed.

We have keys to most properties and use regular, reliable contractors. Therefore you do not need to be at your home for a repair visit, unless you want to be, or you have pets which may be a threat to anyone coming in the house.

We will not use our keys to come into your property unless we have agreed this with you, or there is an immediate and significant risk.

If you agree an appointment and then refuse access when our contractors arrive, you may incur a cancellation charge.

If these do not address the issue then please get in touch