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What to do if you have a property emergency


Get out of the property immediately; do not stop to collect anything.

Once you’re safe call 999

To prevent any problem we strongly recommend you read and follow the advice on the Government Fire Safety website

Gas Leak

If you suspect a gas leak:

Open all doors and windows

Do NOT light any flames or switch lights on or off (switches can cause tiny sparks)

Switch off the gas (make sure you know where the tap is – usually at the meter)

Call National Grid Gas Emergencies 0800 111 999

Call us 01480 494967

Major Water Leak

If there is lots of water, switch off your water at the stopcock first!

Try to catch the water with bowls, or contain it with towels.

Try to see where the water is coming from – if it is not from your property try to find out whose property is causing it.

Call us 01480 494967, we will get it looked at.

Please be aware that when water comes through a ceiling it often comes through the lights, as that is where there is a hole in the ceiling. As a precaution we advise switching off the electrics for that light circuit.