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Renting your home to someone else whilst you are away is very different from having an investment property. The many legal issues associated with renting your property need to be managed well, but as you may want to return to your home, you need to have faith that someone will care for it whilst you are travelling.

We find that our landlords who utilise our ‘Renting til I return’ service want:-

Property Management

Our expert property managers and account managers will ensure that every aspect of your tenancy is taken care of for you.  When you are away from your home, you will be unable to manage it effectively and that’s where our team will step in for you.

Mid-tenancy Inspections

We know that although you aren’t living in your property you will want to check-in and see what it is looking like!  We will carry out quarterly reports, which will be sent with you with photos so that you can see how well your property is being taken care of!  These mid-tenancy inspections are so important to the upkeep of a property, and it’s something that overseas landlords just can’t undertake as regularly as is needed to ensure no small issue gets out of hand.  Let our team take care of inspections for you as part of our management service; they are trained to pick up any maintenance issues or breaches of tenancy; and endeavour to ensure that your property is returned to you as you left it!

Trustworthy & reliable contractors

It can be hard to source a reliable contractor at short notice, on a Sunday evening – and inevitably that is what will happen! Let us take care of that for you – as a managed landlord you have access to our pool of vetted, trained and well trusted contractors who are ready to answer your tenants call outs quickly and efficiently.

Tenant relations

The key to a happy tenancy? A happy tenant! All recent surveys have shown that tenants value communication over all else – and receiving quick responses. This can be tricky when you are based in a different time zone. Our staff offer a buffer in order to ensure that tenants have someone on call to answer any queries they might have at a moments notice.

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