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Steady as she goes, in a very busy market

Steady as she goes in a very busy lettings market: A pile of face masks

It’s an incredibly difficult time for so many, and we just wanted to write a bit of a reassuring post about what we’re continuing to do to ensure the safety of our team and customers, during what is, despite the pandemic, still a busy time of year for lettings.

Back in May, we put in place a number of measures in order to keep our staff and customers safe and Matthew wrote a comprehensive blog post explaining them here.

They include but aren’t limited to:

  • Viewings in empty properties with one person + member of the Maxine Lester team
  • Gloves and a mask to be worn by everyone attending viewings
  • Minimising in-person viewings with 360 degree viewing photos – you can read more about them here.
  • Staff are working from home, but we’re all still available to help

Since May we’ve made lots of little tweaks to what we’re doing, to enable to continue providing the great service you all know and love, whilst keeping everyone safe.

A note from Maxine...

Looking at the reproduction rate data for COVID-19, it became quite obvious back in December that things were not going in the right direction. With this in mind, we made sure that should lock down happen we were prepared with virtual viewings of any property we started to market . The market has taken off as it normally does in January, but in addition we have also been trying to help local families who were subject to being flooded out on the 23rd December.

We have again started to review the COVID-19 sheet, but overall can see no major changes . People on furlough are paying rental and shortfalls are being covered by us working with the tenant and universal credit .

We have also be fortunate enough to win quite a bit of new business without directly meeting the landlord, but taking more time to do a health check and decoration walk around either via face time or taking a video and sending it over. What we’ve found, is that landlords were surprised because they did not realise the level of detail we go into when making sure their property is correct from the outset – so going forward, we’re going to be making the invisible, visible.

If you’re a landlord or tenant in the local area looking for property help during these difficult times, please don’t hesitate to give us a ring, and a friendly member of our team will be happy to discuss what you need, and how we can help.