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Mattie’s dance is official, can you guess…?

OK – it’s official – I am doing a jive! That means being ‘light on your feet’, being fast, with lots of ‘kicks and flicks’. Eeek!

The good news is I now have a dance partner, the lovely Carys. She reckons she has ‘a particular set of skills’ when it comes to the jive. She has contrived a routine for me which we went through last week. She keeps saying things like ‘I reckon we can add something else there’ and ‘ok, so we just made that more difficult’. Eeeek again!

However having a routine means I have something to build on – and get scared about. I had hoped to cram in lessons over the summer – that did not quite happen. Ok, it didn’t happen. A combination of holidays and work meant I had just 3 lessons over the last 2 months. It felt like each visit was a restart – not good. I am delighted I now have a routine to learn, and thanks to Carys, there is a great deal to learn! The event is on 8 December, just 9 weeks away. More eeeek!

To add to my fun last week I pulled my Achilles tendon. So my kicks and flicks are decidedly one-sided – for now. Nothing that some physio and ‘therapeutic discomfort’ will not fix, apparently.

I have some catching up to do as some of my dance colleagues looking very accomplished. They obviously did not miss their summer lessons. They mostly have an age and weight advantage, and I am the only one doing a jive – so it looks like the Team and Wright Rhythm have set the bar high for me!

However, this is not a problem when I remind myself why I am doing this. Carers Trust do some great work supporting carers, and young carers in particular are very badly affected by their caring responsibilities. By doing this dance I hope to raise £7k so they can fully fund a holiday for 10 young carers who would not otherwise get a break. Having met some of these young carers, trust me, they need and deserve a break.

So, please help me help them. Visit my JustGiving page and give what you can to help them.

As an added incentive one person has generously supported me and also suggested they will give more if I do a routine in the dress Maxine wore last year. I reckon the dress will be uncomfortably tight, so I hope nobody else supports this.