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Legal update for June

It doesn’t sound very sexy but The Homelessness Reduction Bill has now been made an Act of Parliament. Unlike so much that is going on at the moment this bill will actually be a benefit to Landlords. Why – it should cut down the length of time needed to evict a tenant via a section 21. Before the act was passed councils were duty bound to advise tenants to stay in the property until a court order was obtained ( this has delayed the checkout by some 6 weeks in the worst cases ) even though a section 21 is a mandatory notice. Effectively the Act places a positive obligation on councils to give support to resolve homelessness. Which means Local Authorities will be required to treat tenants as homeless at a much earlier stage which may see tenants rehoused prior to landlords incurring the cost and delay of instructing a bailiff.

The Government has committed to provide £61 million to local authorities to meet the additional costs of providing the help needed to comply with this Act.

For landlords and tenants the Act does a great deal to improve the rehousing of tenants at the termination of a tenancy. We do not know when this Act will be in force, it may be later this year. However, only time will tell whether it will be as successful as it is hoped. Once it is in force, whether you are a landlord, agent or tenant if there is a risk of homelessness then the local authority should be contacted and help sought at the earliest opportunity.

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