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Electrical Installation Condition Reporting

As part of improving safety in rental properties there is consideration to making Electrical Installation Condition Reporting (EICR) compulsory every 5 years. This report checks whether the wiring of the property is safe. Currently these reports are ‘best practice’, which means landlords are not obliged to complete these checks. However as most insurance policies seem to require landlords follow best practice, we always advise people to get these checks done to avoid invalidating their insurance.

Given the cost is typically less than £200 and the checks are almost always needed when buying or selling a property, we are confident this will become law, we just don’t know when. We are working with those of our landlords who chose to not have this check to get the work done to protect themselves and their tenants.

The thing to be aware of when having and EICR completed is it may identify works to be done. This is usually to ensure the property complies with current standards, which have changed several times over the years. Some of these will be recommended works, not compulsory. Ensure you are aware of the difference when reading these reports to ensure you are aware of the difference.

We have provided this update previously on these checks.