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Don’t despair! 

The increased rules and costs they bring landlords are all driven by the desire of all political parties to improve standards and address some malpractice in parts of our market. This is a market which has grown substantially over the last decade, meaning tenants have a larger voice with Government. 

The good news is even with the additional rules and costs the letting market is a very positive one. More people are renting, some out of choice, others out of necessity and the number of people renting is forecast to continue to increase over the next 20 years, meaning the Government needs to be seen to ‘look after’ this group. 

We should not forget there continues to be a shortage of housing and so demand is likely to outstrip supply. Therefore this remains a very viable and profitable long-term market for landlords who look after their customers by providing good standard properties.

If you feel you are not getting the returns you want from your investment property then please get in touch so we can review what can be done to improve things for you.