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Can Your Tenant Sublet

If your tenant has an AST drawn up by us the straight answer is no. But could they do it without your permission?

Like all things, there is a possibility of this happening. However, we have found that the likely hood of this happening is minimal. Matched with this, we are in regular contact with your tenants so pick up anything that seems incorrect. On top of this, regular inspections mean we pick up on signs of subletting such as extra toothbrushes, suitcases or extra clothing. Other things we look out for include extra rubbish and wear and tear to the property.

You might think that it would be difficult to see?  To make subletting viable ( as your tenant would be breaking the tenancy agreement ) subletting would be to a number of people. Therefore the first thing we would see when we visit the property would be beds in the living room. Once this is picked up we would be looking to give the tenants notice and very much looking at the additional wear and tear which would be taken from the deposit.

Your neighbours will also be aware of more people at the property and since they would have our card they call us to advise of any anti-social behaviour.

There could be a number of potential issues, including debt, accountability and maintenance. A sublet property can also be detrimental to the landlord, as it may void any insurance policy they have on the property. All of which leaves a very bad taste in the mouth. So what can be done to limit this?

Choosing the right tenant is the first thing. It may sound dreadfully unprofessional but tummy tells you a lot? Add to that background checks and you are a long way down the road in telling if someone might go down the road of subletting.

However, you should note that subletting can sometimes be permitted with the landlord’s consent and a clause in the tenancy agreement. In these cases the rental is increased to deal with any heavy wear and tear.