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Blah blah identity theft blah blah BANG

How many of us actually pay attention when the airline gives us the pre-flight security briefing? They could probably recite their shopping list at the front of the plane and most of us would not notice!

The same is true of personal identity security advice. Either we hear ‘blah blah blah’ and convince ourselves we are OK, or we know we should do more – maybe we will get round to it tomorrow . . . . . then BANG – something bad happens!

We’d like to make sure nothing bad happens to you.

We have recently completed a review of security of the many sensitive documents we are obliged to keep. This has shown we can make further improvements to ensure we have the most up to date security to protect peoples’ information, which we will obviously make sure are done.

However this review has also revealed how extraordinarily relaxed some of our landlords and tenants are about their own identity security, which is likely to make bad things happen!

We need some very sensitive personal information when setting up a tenancy or taking on a new landlord. We get copies of passports, driving licences, wage slips, bank statements – all of which people provide without question or concern. They also deliver these with little regard for the security of these documents.

We find landlords and tenants move home without making any arrangements for forwarding their post. This means subsequent tenants get post from previous occupiers credit card company, bank, the tax man, pension provider, all of which could give an unscrupulous person full access to very sensitive personal information.

It is this laxness which is a gift to the scallywags in this world who will try to pretend to be you in order to either spend your money or make commitments for which you are liable.

So we thought whilst we are improving how well we manage the sensitive information we keep about people, we would help everyone improve their own security.

Now try not to hear blah blah blah – are your seat backs upright and tray tables secure? Then we will begin!

  • Change your device and log in passwords periodically – make sure they are complex, hard to guess and contain a mix of special characters.
  • Be vigilant about contact from unexpected organisations asking you to disclose personal or security information
  • Be diligent about checking your bank and card statements for unexpected transactions
  • Set up text alerts from your bank for significant transactions
  • Make sure you know who has any of your personal documents
  • Shred any documents with personal information you do not need

Now, please sit back and enjoy your trip!