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Billy’s Work Experience blog

I decided to contact Maxine Lester when my school Work Experience Coordinator suggested them as a possible option. I emailed in and was impressed by the fast response and arranged to come in during the summer half term to meet everyone.  I was nervous because I wanted to make a good first impression, which I hope I did.  I came out feeling relaxed after meeting everyone and then my only worry was if I would remember their names.

I turned up at 9am on Monday in my smart working clothes, full of trepidation and concerned about what I would be doing and if I would make any major mistakes. I needn’t have worried because I was welcomed and put at ease; I wasn’t expected to remember names. The office is a calm (usually) and relaxed environment. It even has two cute dogs running about, Smudge and Ted. The first day I updated information about water tests for Legionella bacteria. This is good for my science more specifically my GCSE Biology as I have been studying pathogens. I had to advance dates two years ahead because there is a legal requirement to check for Legionella every two years. Day two I was checking properties’ EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). It’s quite monotonous but it has to be done.

Day three my Form Tutor, Mrs Jarvis, came in to check up on me. I was told she had a very long wooden ruler with her but this wasn’t the case luckily! I scanned in some ‘check-in-packs’, this was quite daunting at first and I had to master the staple remover.  Later in the day I had the opportunity to go out on some viewing of properties with Maxine; it was nice to see how it happens and I got to meet some potential clients and viewed some very nice properties. Day four I sifted through properties to check their EICR’s (Electrical Installation Condition Report).

I’ve really enjoyed my work experience placement, everyone is friendly, cheerful and happy in their work and they’ve made my first experience of work a positive one.