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Yikes – it is only next week!

It is just 9 days till I ‘perform’ in public. I am very nervous and frankly anxious about making a complete hash of things!
Last night I had my last proper lesson. We have our dress rehearsal on Saturday, then the competition is Friday 8 December, yup, just next week. Based on my efforts last night I may see if I can squeeze an extra lesson or two in before the event.
Last night I saw more of my competitors than normal – obviously everyone is feeling the pressure; the place was full. What was impressive was how well people were dancing – there are no ‘joke’ entries – everyone is taking this very seriously. There are quick steps, and cha chas, and charlestons (wow!) and rhumbas, plus my jive effort – and much less laughter than in earlier lessons. We all have a slightly haunted look of impending doom!
When I talk to my competitors we all feel the same. There is so much to think about. We need to not only deliver the dance, but deliver it well, whilst remembering so many details, and, most challengingly, making it look effortless. We need to maintain the performance throughout, whatever goes wrong.
Given my particular expertise in missing my steps, or my timing, I have a great deal of work to do to make sure my face does not let everyone know I have cocked it up!! This is hard as the jive is so fast that if you miss something then catching up is, well, not an option! I then need to make myself look like I am doing planned steps whilst filling time till we get to a part I know.
To add to the challenge the lyrics of my music match my steps – it will look weird if the steps don’t match.
So, no pressure then!
The great thing is we are close to hitting our fundraising target. This will allow Carers Trust to ensure a group of young carers get the support they need to allow them to care well whilst not losing out on making the best of their lives.
Please do what you can to help me hit this target and make your donation here.

And thanks again to all of you who have already donated.

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