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Training starts in earnest

Well, Enfield actually.

I have now had a couple of lessons with the lovely Carys, my official Strictly partner. She has patiently (oh, so very patiently!) taken me through the steps for the routine she has devised. Her logic appears good. Learn the steps. Remember the routine to the point where you don’t have to think about what steps you are doing. Improve how well you do the steps. Then work up the rest of the body to ensure when the steps are done the rest of me looks like I am dancing.

So, dead easy then – except I am stuck on stage 1! I have less than 7 weeks to go – yikes!

We are doing the jive – that is the one which they always says is really hard and very physical on Strictly on the telly. We have a 90 second routine which is currently taking me nearly 3 minutes. I feel I am whizzing through, I am going at half speed!

I am now under instruction to video parts of the training sessions as that apparently helps. Well I thought I had nailed the bit we videoed. It felt great. It felt fast and tight. Oh dear – it looks shocking – dad dancing but without the style.

I have SO MUCH MORE work to do! So, I have now signed up to 2 lessons a week.

My sore Achilles is letting me know I probably should have listened to my physio and rested it more. But I am seeing the 8th December looming ahead very quickly and I intend to make a better show of dancing than I have managed so far, which is distinctly embarrassing. I have also seen my competitors dance. Oh dear, I have my work cut out!

When I take the 70 miles to Enfield after a days’ work feeling more than a tad jaded, I remind myself why I am doing this. I want to ensure Carers Trust can fund a holiday for young carers who otherwise get no break at all. These young people, some as young as 8 years old care for people in their family, and are often the main carer.

All the research shows that young carers lose out on so much, and have less chance of doing well in later life. Whilst their caring is a wonderful thing, Carers Trust wants to help these young people have the same chances as other people their age. A holiday is a key way of helping them just have a break, and be kids with other kids. For this to happen Carers Trust needs £7k so 10 young carers have this great chance. We all appreciate a holiday, imagine not only having no holiday, but having no time for yourself, no time for friend and taking responsibility for managing a household at such a young age.

So, please can you help me help them?! Please dig out that card and visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/matthew-lester-dancing and give some dosh to help others. Apart from knowing you will be helping them, you will also have the acute satisfaction of knowing you are helping drive me to greater levels of embarrassment on the dance floor!

The dance event is organised by Agents Giving a charity of property professionals who want to raise money for charitable causes. You can see more about the event and Agents Giving http://agentsgiving.org/pt-event/agents-giving-ball-2017


I thought I was doing so well, till I saw this!

Matthew and Carys October training