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So that is why am I doing this!

Last night I had another dance lesson; today I have more aches in places I did not know I had, and in some I wish I didn’t have! Apparently tomorrow will be worse!

After the 70 mile drive home last night, and the necessary shower, I checked my mails and found I had received this link from Carers Trust. The video shows some of the Young Carers they support enjoying themselves at a young carers festival. When watching this you have to remind yourself that the people in the video are the main support for their mum, or dad, or a sibling; often caring for more than one person. They usually do this with no external support or help.

Because of these responsibilities young carers are more likely to miss school, more likely to leave school with poor qualifications and more likely to have lower life chances than their peers. They are also less likely to spend with their peers, act their age and have some fun.

The festival in the video is a short event, but provided much needed fun and relief from the pressures of their caring responsibilities, allowing these people to be kids.
For many a proper holiday break is an unrealistic dream – however I am trying to raise money so this dream comes true for at least 10 of these great young people. A holiday will not only benefit them enormously but also ensure they can be even better carers when they go home after their break.

So, please dig out your flexible friend and visit my Justgiving page to help this dream come true!

Now, back to the stretching to try to make my legs work properly!