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Strictly speaking, how often do you beat your wife?

By Matthew Lester

This is usually a loaded question to catch someone out. However in this case I am going head to head against my lovely wife Maxine in a competition – I can already hear the cries of “good luck with that Matthew”!

Last year Maxine won the Agents Giving Strictly Come Dancing competition. I have yielded to overwhelming pressure from the team to sign up for the competition this year and see if I can steal Maxine’s crown. I have now met most of the other 12 competitors – oh dear. There are some young and fit people, in fact I think all are younger and fitter than me – gulp. However Maxine was not fazed by being one of the more “mature” contestants last year, a point she has made; more than once.

I have also now had a few dance lessons. The good news is the Wright Rhythm dance school in Enfield keep giving me another lovely young lady to dance with, lucky me. The bad news is dancing is hard. Forget the physical challenges (of which there are many!), there is so much to think about at the same time. Not wishing to be sexist but us chaps are not designed to do multi-tasking! Also Enfield is hardly on my doorstep, and based on what Maxine did last year, I reckon I need to have at least 2 lessons a week – oh joy!

So why am I putting myself through this? Well the Maxine Lester Residential Lettings team want to raise enough money for our charity, Carers Trust Cambridgeshire to ensure at least 10 young carers get a much needed holiday. Having met some of these young carers I assure you they not only need, but really deserve a break. When you meet a 12 year old who cares for their mum and brother, struggles to keep up at school and has no time for friends and fun due to their caring responsibilities, it really does put things into perspective.

To make this happen we need to raise at least £7,000. We have had some very generous support but we need more, so we are asking everyone to dig deep and sponsor me by visiting https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/matthew-lester-dancing

We will keep you posted with updates on how I am doing in my efforts to legitimately beat my wife at least once!