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A dancing success!

The dance is done!

Well, it is done! On Friday night the Agents Giving Strictly Come Dancing ball took place at the Royal Lancaster Hotel London. I was one of the 10 competitors each strutting their stuff for the 3 judges and a packed audience.

I was 8th on, so plenty of time for nervous energy to grow, meaning I had a mouth like the Gobi dessert when I started, and had lost the ability to think. Frankly, I was terrified! As a result I forgot a couple of key parts, lost my timing and technique was, shall we say, in need of improvement! For that I am truly sorry to my dance partner the lovely, and very talented Carys Wood.

After the dance, whilst gasping for my breath, the Judges comments were brilliantly positive! Based on their scores I was top, with only 2 dancers to go!

However the 9th dancer, Jane Gardner, from our marketing company JPGardner associates, deservedly won the glitter ball, with a brilliant performance, leaving me a very respectable 2nd. Phew!

The whole evening was made so much better by the hard work of all the dancers from Wright Rhythm dance school. They not only provided each of us with our partners, enthusiastic moral support, but also put on several show dances.

Of course the point of the evening was to raise money for charity, with my efforts focussed on raising money so Carers Trust Cambridgeshire can ensure at least 10 young Carers get a well deserved holiday. I am delighted to say we managed to hit the £7,000 target on Friday. Thank you to everyone who supported me in whatever way.

That thanks includes the whole team at Maxine Lester Lettings, who have covered for me when I have been training, and humoured me whilst have been grumpy and intolerant over the last couple of weeks as the nerves kicked in.

Thanks again to everyone, enjoy the video!

Watch the final Dance!

If you would like to donate you can HERE