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Only 3 weeks to go till Strictly!

So last week I felt I had the routine remembered – well, mostly remembered. Yippee!

Then my dance partner Carys suggested we start ‘doing something’ with my arms, which apparently are ‘dangling redundantly’ at my sides. The reason for their inaction is every ounce of my brain space is focusing on remembering the routine and telling the legs and feet what to do.  I have yet to ask the arms to do anything!

Well, when you ask your arms to do stuff it feels like tapping your head and stroking your tummy, whilst at the same time drawing a shape with one foot, tapping a rhythm with the other foot, and counting backwards from 10,000, in a foreign language. In short not everything happens as it should! I forgot steps, and parts of the routine that were easy at the beginning, were a complete mess!

It is hard enough remembering all the different things to do, but I also have to overcome my natural British reserve; they need me to be ‘over the top’ with arm movements. I have not only left the comfort zone, I am on a different continent from it!

Then Carys thought it was time to ‘improve my technique’, i.e. how I do the various steps (the steps I thought I was doing OK!). So I had a lesson on just technique. This was magnificently effective at showing me how much I need to learn. It also showed how little fitness I have gained so far!

Till now I have convinced myself that I have time. I have been diligently going to lessons and practicing (OK, when I can – between an office move, a property refurbishment and the day job!) However it is now JUST OVER 3 WEEKS before the event!  I am Captain Mainwaring, and Corporal Jones’ comments are not working – I am panicking!!

It didn’t help that 2 couples did a full run through of their routines. Both came away harrumphing that they had more to do. If they have more to do, I have everything to do, I reckon they looked great.

I agreed to do strictly hoping to do a decent job of the jive – and not make a complete plonker of myself. I have so much to do to achieve this, so the heat is on!

So now the shameless ask. To those of you who have supported me already, thank you so much. If you have not, please remember that my pain, effort, expense (substantial!) and embarrassment (enormous!) is all for a good cause. Please find at least £25 to ensure young carers get the help they need to keep doing great work.  You can make your donation here.


Or see some video of my ‘progress’ below.

Mattie does Strictly 14 Nov 2017

Mattie trying, but there is so much more to do!