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2 weeks to go before I dance – in public!

2 weeks to go till 8 December ‘performance’ so I have managed to get some extra lessons – the term better late than never springs to mind!

In every lesson I get some things to remember. It starts with ‘over the next few days just remember to . . . . . ’ and within the next hour there are half a dozen other things to ‘just remember’. My brain is not that big, and that is before it got filled up with work and other aspects of life.

For example the things to remember this time are to:

·         NOT put on my ‘thinking face’ – apparently the default expression I adopt when concentrating is not what people want to see in a jive performance

·         Keep my head up – I need to look out to the audience when dancing, not at the floor or, even worse, my feet, or whatever else it is I am thinking about (which is lots – viz the ‘thinking face’!)

·         Keep my arms engaged – that means do something ‘deliberate’ with them – ‘relaxed’ is not an acceptable option

·         Whatever I do with my arms, make it big

·         Keep my balance right – that makes everything else easier – apparently.

·         Focus on the rhythm – unhelpfully the track we have chosen (it’s a secret) changes tempo slightly – I obviously did not know that when choosing that track!

·         Prepare for the next steps, but complete these steps

·         Focus on retraction of my legs when kicking, as opposed to the actual kicking – It strikes me this particular step could be much better named

·         Bounce on my standing leg – for clarity that means I am kicking with one leg, whilst bouncing on the other – plus not forgetting all the other things

So just a couple of priorities – gulp!

I think the words that get used a most in my lessons are ‘more’ and ‘again’, along with the various forms of Anglo Saxon I use when things do not go as I intended, which means I am a bit of a potty mouth in training! My great apologies to my dance partner Carys for my language!

So what happens next? Well I have one more lesson before the dress rehearsal on 2 December. I am already seriously anxious about the whole ‘performance’ thing, and very concerned about making a complete hash of it on the day. The jive is fast and furious, if I miss a step or make any mistake then the whole thing is a mess, as it is almost impossible to catch up with Carys. I have also seen some of the others dance. Suffice to say of those I have seen, the standard is excellent. The audience will get a great show – I just want to make sure I make a good fist of this dance. I still have a great deal to do in the next 2 weeks!!


The most important thing to remember we have only 2 weeks for us to hit our fundraising target. This will allow Carers Trust to ensure a group of young carers get the support they need to allow them to care well whilst not losing out on making the best of their lives.

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