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Maintenance Review Service Package

At Maxine Lester we know that some landlords want all the benefits of the Property Management Service Package but want to ensure nothing is spent on their property without their prior approval. This allows you to agree every cost before it happens and provides the opportunity to have comparative costs for relatively low value works. Sadly we can’t control when repairs are required, but we can ensure we take the time to go through all of the options in detail with you before works are done!

The key features of the Maintenance Review Service, which are in addition to those in our Property Management Service Package are listed below:

1.Directly agree all works with you before instructing contractors, unless it is a priority issue
2.Obtain comparative costs for works above £100 – wherever possible
3.Annual statement of all transactions for your tax return
All for a monthly cost of just 13% of the monthly rent, subject to a £85 minimum (plus VAT).

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