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Landlords: Increase your Rental Return By Producing the Best Product

It surprises me how many landlords take the view that ‘it’s only a rental ‘and therefore anything goes about decoration and presentation.

There is no doubt that the demand for property in Huntingdon, St Ives and Cambridge is increasing but the way to improve on income is to make sure that a property’s internal appearance will make all the difference and achieve a higher rental.

Immaculately presented properties get the premium rents. So, what do you need to consider?

  • Have a regular rota of works – there is no need to redecorate the whole house to keep it up to scratch. Little and often is the way forward. Why? – Rooms are used at a different level, for example, a kitchen may need a coat of paint every three years whereas the bedroom may need every 5 years. Our property management team would be able to help with any advice – find out more here.
  • Choose a modern fresh colour – that does not mean magnolia!
  • Carpets – Buy mid-range they will last for about 10 years with normal ‘wear and tear’ and clean up far better than cheaper carpets on the market. Definitely, no swirls and brown shades might hide stains, but they are a dated colour.
  • Window dressing – you don’t have to provide these, but we would always recommend that you put up a curtain rail with finials. Floral curtains are defiantly not going to increase the appeal of the room as are unlined curtains.
  • The big money items are kitchens and bathrooms and will make a huge difference. To change these you need to look at the long game as the return will be over a 10 year period.
  • Heat whilst viewing this is the first thing that your prospective tenant will notice so if you are marketing and empty property make sure that this is kept on.
  • Florescent lights in the kitchen look cheap and devalue your investment.
  • Be flexible pet-friendly properties can obtain a higher rental with 87% of people in the market having a pet and most landlords not allowing them. There are some great pet insurance products out there to protect your investment but if you choose responsible pet owners in the first place there will not be an issue.

Maxine lester how to prepare your home for pet friendly homes in St Ives Cambs

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