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Home Improvements to add Value to your Rental Property

In Today’s blog we let you in on some great investments into your property to add value to your invest property.

1. Update the Front of your House

This can make your house much more inviting, there are a range of things you can do to improve your homes first impression. You could paint the house, replace the front door, Or if you want to start with something smaller, cleaning windows and unblocking drains, and pulling up weeds from cracks in the driveway can still make a big difference.


2. Replace your Windows

Replacing the windows can make the house warmer, safer and quieter. A great way to make your home brighter and feeling bigger is to add large windows out to the garden, when paired with a well kept garden this can dramatically improve the feeling in a room.


3. A Loft Conversion 

Converting your lot space can add real value to your house, I can be turned into a bedroom, bathroom or both! Getting a conversion isn’t cheap but the potential returns are greater than the potential costs.


4. Re-do the Kitchen

If you can only refit one room in your house make it the kitchen. A modern kitchen with a practical design can really make a difference to a property, but make the cost are relative to your properties worth in the market.