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EXTENDED: Evictions ban

*** FEBRUARY 2021 UPDATE ***

This legislation was due to end on 21st February 2021 but, it was announced on 14th February, that it would continue for an additional 6 weeks to the end of March. 

Read the Government announcement here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/housing-secretary-extends-support-for-renters-during-pandemic

EXTENDED: Evictions ban landlords beware

The ban on evictions has been extended by 4 weeks, meaning no evictions will have taken place for a whole 6 months during the ongoing Coronavirus situation. Landlords will also now have to give tenants 6 months notice if they’re looking to take possession of their property. This extension to notice periods will continue until at least the 31st March 2021.

The government’s intention is that whilst vulnerable tenants are protected from evictions, especially coming up to winter months, landlords can still take possession of their property quickly where needed which is why there are a few exceptions to the 6 month rule.

The extension to the ban on evictions and the prioritisation of the most serious cases will apply to courts in England and in Wales, however the extension to notice periods only applies to England.

Domestic Abuse

For situations where domestic abuse or giving false statement is a factor, landlords and agents are required to give 2-4 weeks notice.

Antisocial behaviour

Landlords are required to give 4 weeks notice in situations involving antisocial behaviour, or where rent arrears have accumulated for longer than 6 months.

Failed follow up Right to Rent checks

12 weeks notice is required for those who breach immigration rules through ‘Right to Rent’ and need to leave their property as a result.

Cases will be prioritised

When possession proceedings do resume in September, the government has stated that the courts will prioritise the most serous cases, involving anti-social behaviour and other crimes, as well as where landlords have received no rent for over a year and would be facing unmanageable debts.

You can read the full extent of the amendments to the Coronavirus Act 2020 here. 

If it’s something that’s worrying you, or you’re a landlord faced with what feels like an impossible situation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.