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It is clear the corona pandemic is having a wide impact across the whole economy, with all businesses and individuals experiencing some loss, cost or inconvenience.

Our team are set up to work from home so, provided they are healthy, we can do what we can to help you, whether as part of renting your property, or just getting through the extraordinary situation we’re in!

Whilst the extra Covid restrictions were lifted on 19 July we have decided to continue with the following safety measures, in order to protect our team and anyone we work with. Therefore:

  • We will continue with our processes that minimise physical meetings and physical contact, as they protect everyone.
  • We will only meet people by appointment, including in the office. Where possible we will minimise long meetings.
  • When meeting people indoors, e.g. in a property, we will require everyone to wear facemasks, unless it is their home, or they can show they are exempt. This is because when our staff wear a facemask they will be protecting the people they see, more than they will be protecting themselves. We simply require the same courtesy back from our visitors, so our staff are safe at work.
  • Our teams will continue to work primarily from home, to minimise the chance of an infection or need to isolate, that may impact on our service levels. Our experience so far shows home working has not had an adverse impact on service levels, other than we know transferring calls can be difficult. We therefore usually just arrange a call back.  We are sorry for any minor delay this may cause.


We know people have a number of concerns about how the pandemic may impact on their property. To help we have listed these questions and provided the answers

If you’re alone or need help during this extraordinary situation, give us a call. We will see if there is something we can do, even if it is just having a chat!