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Full Cover Service Package

For landlords who want all the benefits of our Property Management Service, but also want that extra protection of full Legal Expenses and Rent Protection cover, would like the flexibility to be involved in decisions about works to their property and request extra property visits when needed.  These landlords will have the security of knowing their legal costs and any rent will be paid in the event of any difficulty, plus be able to be more involved in any decisions about works to their property, where they require.

If this describes what you want then the key features of our Full Cover Service, which are in addition to those in our Property Management Service Package are listed below:

1.Legal Expenses and Rent Protection Cover included
2.Directly agree all works with you before instructing contractors, unless it is a priority issue
3.Obtain comparative costs for works above £100 – wherever possible
4.Extra property visits where needed
All for a monthly cost of just 15% of the monthly rent, subject to a £115 minimum (plus VAT).

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